Mono-Product overview

A mono-product store is a store where you will only offer one product for sale, which will be featured on your homepage.
The idea is to position yourself as an expert on a particular product, and to facilitate the visitor's understanding of it as soon as they arrive on the website, in order to encourage them to buy from the homepage. 
Your whole website will be structured to showcase your product.
Here it will be a question of carrying out all your copywriting on the product that you’ve chosen.
Your knowledge of the product will reassure visitors to your website and turn them into customers. You need to show your visitors that you know your product and its field perfectly, so that you convey the image of a specialized professional to your visitors, which will inspire confidence in them and facilitate conversion.
Of course, the choice of your product will be decisive, and you’ll have to ensure the quality of your product.

What are the advantages of a mono-product store? 

Optimized SEO

Since your store is only based on a single product, your SEO strategy will be even more simplified.

1. All your content is based on a precise theme
As an expert on this product, all the text content you write for your store will consist of a large lexical field, which will be rich and fully focussed on your product. This allows Google to reference you on various keywords belonging to the same cocoon, thereby improving your position in search engines. Your website is therefore homogeneous and mainly talks about the problem that your product solves. You can also take advantage of your theme to base your blog articles on it. Google will love you!

2. Your domain name is specific and directly related to your product.

When choosing your domain name, it may be interesting to rely on your product and promote it using the domain name. For example, if you’re selling a pancake pan, it is a good idea to reserve a domain name that contains the word "pancakes", which will be a main keyword on your store.

Advertising campaigns with a targeted budget and a strong brand image

It will be much easier to create your advertising campaigns and marketing.
1. Advertising campaigns
Your entire advertising budget is focused on the same product, which lets you focus more on A/B testing, in order to find your audience more easily. What's more, your social media will allow you to bring together a niche of passionate subscribers, all of whom will have the same center of interest. This will greatly facilitate your communication strategy.
2. Marketing

You can work on your logo to reflect the product you’re selling. This will allow you to create a strong brand image. Having only one product, you can find your shipping packaging, and have your logo printed on it, which brings added value and strengthens your brand's image.

An image of trust for your visitors

When purchasing a specific product, a visitor will tend to go more easily to a specialized store rather than to a general store. Indeed, the advantage of positioning yourself as an expert is that you give the customer the confidence of knowing that they can ask you for advice if needed, and that you’re perfectly familiar with the product.

Save time when creating your store

Creating a mono-product store is much faster than a general store, because all your efforts are focused on your single product. Once your product has been found, the entire theme of your store will be based on it. Moreover, you can afford to hire providers who are experts in content writing, as well as visual creation, in order to get the best possible optimized content. We work with partners, including, which can help you to create your content. Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches to find out more!

As you’ll have understood, creating a mono-product store can be a very good strategy to adopt. You can set up multiple mono-product stores if you’ve got several high-potential products! Many opportunities are available to you, so don't hesitate to grab them! 😍
💡 Resources

Find our tutorial on the set-up of a mono-product store.


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