What rules do I need to comply with to sell my products on the marketplaces?

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With our partner Iziflux, you can offer products on marketplaces and price comparison websites, even if you work with dropshipping. However, you do need to comply with certain rules:

  • You need to have an existing business account with the marketplaces you want to work with. Please do not hesitate to contact them to put steps in place in advance.
  • Each marketplace will take an average commission of 15% of your sales. On top of that there is a subscription fee of approximately €30 per month for each marketplace. You must therefore make sure that you have the necessary budget to run your adverts on each platform.
  • Your store must not use dropshipping and instead you (or your logistics specialist) must delivery your own products.

From a technical point of view, it will be necessary:

  • For the visuals to be outlined on a white background of at least 1200 x 1200 pixels. Please refer to our dedicated resources to design your visuals: How to create slideshow graphics with Canva?
  • For your products to each have their own EAN code. Contact your supplier to find out whether your product has a corresponding EAN code. If it hasn’t you will need to use the GS1 services to generate an official code.

Your store must also be launched to the public and perfectly fine-tuned: No default texts, no poor visuals, effective general conditions of sale and legal notices that meet statutory requirements, etc.


⚠️ Watch Out

The Iziflux and Shopping Feed modules are not available on the Dropizi administration as these two services only work with WiziShop stores. However, as a dropshipper, you will have the benefit of all the other product distribution services available in Marketing > Product Export Tools.

👉 Review your store thoroughly before its launch to make sure that everything is in order!

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!