Import my catalog to Facebook

In order to set up your Facebook store, you will first have to check that your Facebook pixel has been created and installed on your WiziShop store, and that your product catalog has been exported.

If you haven't done these steps yet, go to this tutorial.  


First step: Shopping template

Make sure that your page is operating under the "Shopping" template. To do this, follow the detailed procedure in the Facebook Help Center: 

👉 How do I change my Page template on Facebook?

In your Facebook page Settings, under Templates and tabs, your store template should be "Shopping". This is the template that will activate the "Shop" tab on the page.


Second step: Business Manager

Once your Shopping page is activated, you can create the catalog that will receive your product data feed: 

👉 Create a catalog

Once your catalog is created, you can set up an automatic upload of your products from WiziShop to Facebook via a URL. Follow the instructions given in the Use a URL section only :

👉 Upload items to a catalog with a data feed

Your file hosting URL should have been created when you set up your pixel. You can find it in Settings > Tags and external services > Facebook/Instagram

💬 Should you encounter any difficulty, feel free to contact Facebook assistance from your Business Manager homepage, via the "Need help? Talk to us" button in the bottom right corner. If this button does not appear, click on "Help" then "Contact support team".