Facebook Ads: Prices

The budget for your Facebook Ads campaigns will depend on 3 factors:

The target you want to reach:

Don't try to target too precisely. The smaller your targeting, the less opportunity Facebook will have to find matching viewers. Target as wide as possible, always keeping in mind a conversion logic. The cost of your campaign here will vary mainly depending on the size, country, language, age and gender of your target.

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Your content and how it is presented:

Facebook will judge the relevance of your ads in relation to their message and the objective you have set. The algorithm will also take into account the quality of the visual. Be careful to offer content in line with your targeting and your objective.

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The type of delivery of your campaign:

How will you run your campaign?

  • Facebook News Feed on desktop
  • Facebook News Feed on mobile
  • The right column
  • Instagram News Feed
  • Facebook and Instagram Stories
  • Audience Network
  • Messenger

Depending on the type(s) of delivery chosen, the price may range from a simple price to twice the price.

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