Facebook Ads : All our resources

You will find here, besides our help section dedicated to Facebook Ads, all the resources you need for the management of your advertising campaigns. 

Facebook resources

Facebook Business Manager

Before you start on Facebook Ads, check that your settings on Facebook Business Manager are correct:


To help you create and optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns, don't hesitate to contact our specialized partners. Get in touch with the Business Coach team to learn more !

Instagram resources

Instagram Shopping

Before you start an advertising campaign on Instagram, check that your settings on Facebook Business Manager are correct (see Facebook Business Manager section above) and also that you have configured Instagram Shopping correctly: 👉 Set up Instagram Shopping


Consider working with influencers if you wish to work on Instagram: 

What about Google Ads?

Should you work with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or both? 

The two services do not have the same goal. It will depend on the type of communication you wish to launch: 

👉 What is the difference between Google Ads campaigns and Facebook/Instagram campaigns?

Visit our help section dedicated to Google Ads to help you define your best marketing strategy!

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