Support from the Business Coaches team

 The Business Coaches team is made up of ecommerce experts who will help you create your store and grow your online business. 


You can ask the team for help, if you have questions about setting up your store, or developing your ecommerce business.
The Business Coaches support is free whatever your subscription package is.

How do I contact the Business Coaches team?

You can contact the team directly using your Chat bubble, on the bottom right of your administration area.


From the moment you create your store, and even during a trial period, you can ask the Business Coaches team for help, allowing you to better understand how WiziShop works.

Are you unable to set up a feature? Don’t worry!

Please do not hesitate to visit our Help Center, which is updated each week by a dedicated team. It has lots of tutorials to help you set up your store.

If you cannot find a tutorial that helps with your queries, you can also send a question to your Business Coaches, who are there to provide the best possible help, and will send you an explanatory video, if needed.

☝️ Good to know

To deal with your requests as well as they can, and as quickly as possible, you will need to create a new conversation for each question.


Do you have any doubts about your store? Would you like the advice of an ecommerce specialist?

Ask the Business Coaches for their help, and request an audit of your store.

A Business Coach will analyze your store, by video, and give you their impressions, suggesting areas of improvement for your store.


If you want to raise a particular topic, which is too complicated to explain in writing, you can ask to be called by a Business Coach.

The Business Coach will arrange a time to call you and provide expert advice.

Any request relating to external services, or administrative formalities, should be directed to the relevant services.