The different ways of connecting to WiziShop

The creation of an online store involves several stages and sometimes requires the intervention of several people and different display media. On WiziShop, the different connection modes available to you will allow you to view your store without showing it to the public, create customized access for your partners and test various display media. The two main connection modes that we offer are as follows: 

Connection in administrator/user mode 

This connection mode is dedicated to the retailer and his/her partners. Only company staff and service providers working on the store will be able to connect in administrator/user mode. 

Administrator mode 

This connection mode is simply activated automatically from the moment you are logged into the WiziShop administration area (👉 Log in to my administration area). The preview of your store (View my website button) at the top right of your management area allows you to view your store display as your customers see it (or as they will see it, if your store is not yet open to the public). But by being logged in as an administrator, a number of elements specific to the management of your store will be activated without your customers seeing them: 

  • Your payment options that are not yet active: Adding a new payment method to your online store requires testing it before your customers can use it. To carry out your payment tests, our system allows you to view your new payment module without your customers seeing it, using the In test (only visible to me). To test your payment methods: 👉 Test and activate my payment methods.


  • A URL that displays your store with an automatically updated cache: When you preview your store in administrator mode (View my website button), the URL in the address bar has an additional fragment: /?clear-pimpmyshop=1&. This fragment is not visible to your customers. When you make changes to your store, it allows you to automatically display your store with its latest updates:


  • Easier connection to your customers' accounts: Connecting to your store in administrator mode allows you to perform a number of actions on your customers' accounts more quickly. This is particularly thanks to the possibility of connecting to their account with any password. If you need to connect to one of your customers’ accounts, to update their information for example ( 👉 Modify a customer's personal information), simply go to your store. In the Log in section at the top right, enter your customer's email address and any password, then just click on Log in to access your customer's account:


User mode 

User connection mode has the same specific features as administrator connection mode (payment methods, specific URL and customer account connection), but the sections of the administration area to which a user will have access will depend on the rights granted to them.
A user will therefore see the same URL in the store as an administrator (/?clear-pimpmyshop=1&), will have access to test payment methods and will be able to connect to customer accounts. But the changes they can make in the administration area will depend on the configuration of their account (👉 Create specific access for my partners).

Public mode connection

This connection mode is simply the default connection mode for your customers when they visit your store. And it’s also the mode you use when you visit your store without being connected to your administration area (or in private browsing). 
On this connection mode, when your store is still in a test period or in Creation status (it isn’t open to the public), two displays are possible: 

📱 The particularity of mobile phones

By default, when you visit your store from a mobile phone, the connection mode is public. You’re not connected to your administration area, so you can’t connect as an administrator. 
To view your store on a mobile phone if you’ve not yet launched it to the public, there are two solutions: 


  • From your browser's mobile emulator: right-click on any item in your store, then Inspect, then the Devices icon:




💬 Don’t hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!