Stock and delivery: Dropix

Dropix is only available in French at the moment. Working with this supplier will require some proficiency in French. 


The products’ stock quantities can be viewed directly on Dropix, on each product page. Dropix's stock and your store’s stock are automatically synchronized, irrespective of your subscription. This is carried out overnight, each day.


What are the shipping times and costs?

Delivery times and applicable rates are also indicated on each product page.

By clicking on the supplier's name, you will also access their detailed page, which indicates the carriers they use, the countries they deliver to and the applicable rates.

If you place an order with 2 different suppliers, the delivery charges of each supplier are cumulative.

How can I reproduce these delivery methods on my store?

This tutorial explains how to add your dropshipping delivery methods and inform your customers: Dropizi: Delivery

What are the preparation and shipping times for an order on Dropix?

Dropix delivery times vary from 2 to 7 business days depending on the selected supplier.

Will I receive a tracking number for the parcels that have been sent? 

Once your order is placed, a tracking number will be available on your Dropix account. The tracking number can be sent to your customer via WiziShop, when you change your order status to "Delivery in progress".

Will my clients know whether the item is being delivered by Dropix?

No, Dropix suppliers use plain packaging.

Can I stamp my logo/brand on the parcels?

You will need to contact the supplier directly to discuss this matter with them. 

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!