Import my products from Dropix

Dropix is only available in French at the moment. Working with this supplier will require some proficiency in French. 

To start selecting your Dropix products, the first step will be to create an account on the solution. Go to the Dropix website and click on Try it for free. Fill in your information in the registration form, making sure to check WiziShop in the hosting platform menu and to enter your promo code DROPIZI30 to get 30 days free.

👉 Feel free to read the Dropix startup guide (in French) to get acquainted with the service

Connect your Dropix account to your store

The second step will be to connect your Dropix account to your store.

Go to the Automatisations tab and enter your WiziShop login information.

Or follow the dedicated Dropix tutorial (in French):  Connect your WiziShop store to Dropix. 

Import your products 

Select your products 

To select the products you want to import, 2 solutions: 

  • Search the global Dropix catalog from the product search section (Recherche de produits).
  • Choose your products directly in the catalog of each supplier. Go to the supplier search section (Recherche de fournisseurs) in the side menu.

The view button (Voir les produits) under each supplier will take you directly to their catalog.

At this point, you'll notice that some Dropix suppliers require checking the reseller's site before unlocking their catalog, to ensure the quality of the reseller site. These are called "private" suppliers (fournisseurs privés). The “request distribution” button (Demande de distribution) will inform you whether a supplier is private or not.

To work with a private supplier, all you have to do is complete a distribution request when you import your products and enter the URL of your store. Once your request is accepted, you will be able to import your products. 

Import your products 

To import your products, simply click on the Import button (Importer).

This will add your product to your list of pending products on Dropix : My Products tab in the left menu (Mes produits). 

From your product list, you can then edit each product before sending them to your WiziShop store (= "Publier").

You can also send your products directly to your WiziShop store by clicking on Publish (=Publier).

Note that each product is imported on WiziShop in the status Not displayed and at the Sales price displayed on the Dropix file. You can edit this price on your admin area afterwards if needed. 

Why there is no DropiziRank on Dropix?

The DropiziRank notation is only applicable to AliExpress. Dropix is not a marketplace, its operating mode is very different from AliExpress (different controls, delivery times, chosen products). Criteria taken into account in the DropiziRank scoring (number of orders placed with the supplier, average delivery times, clients' notifications on both supplier and ordered products) have therefore little interest on Dropix.

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!