Link variants (example: Color variants and cover size)

It is possible to link two variants together. The benefit of this operation is to manage a common price and stock. For example, if you sell pouches in several colors and sizes, you do not consider a stock or a price according to the size but overall. You have 2 black pouches in small format, 3 pouches sleeves in medium format and so on.
This link also simplifies the presentation to your customers: they first choose the size and then the color, for example.
To create linked variants, you just need to create two simple variants. One for colors and another for sizes.


To link your variants, select the two variants to link together (here, "Choose a size" and "Choose a color"). Then confirm by clicking the "Apply link" button.


You create a link between your two variants. If you want to remove this link, simply click on the chains (between your two linked variants). It is also possible to change the order of your variants (drag and drop using the blue sidebar).


By applying this grouped variant to your product, the system will automatically create a table containing all possible combinations (Blue - Small/Red - Small/Black - Small, etc.)

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