Search Console: transfer my SiteMap file to the Google Search Console

The sitemap is a map of your website that contains all the pages in an order of priority. It is a file that search engines regularly refer to in order to obtain an overview of your website and to index the new pages. It is a really important step in improving your SEO as it will help Google to better understand your website.  

WiziShop automatically creates a default sitemap file for you that is updated in real time and can be viewed from your root domain name. It follows this format:

Give your sitemap address to Google

You can easily give your sitemap file to Google. You just have to create an account on Google Search Console and add your website. This tutorial will help you.

Once your website has been checked, go to the Sitemaps tab:



In "Add a new sitemap", fill in the sitemap URL (as given above), then click on "Submit":

☝️ Good to know

It can take a few days to register your data, and your Search Console may temporarily display an error. 

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!