Link variants to search filters or product filters

Thanks to the filter manager, accessible from the Settings section > Configuration > Predictive search & filters or directly from your product pages under Required Information, Information, Set up filters, you will be able to link your search filters to your existing variant options.

(Feel free to check out our help tutorial for managing your search filters and product filters before linking them to your variants). 
Step 1: Start by opening the filter manager and then select the desired filter:

You will then have access to all the values in this filter and can decide if you want to link each value to an existing variant option.
Step 2: Click on the small paper clip icon, "Link this value to an existing variant":


Step 3: A pop-up opens, in which you will find the list of all your existing variants:
N.B.: Be careful, this is not a variant manager but a simple list (to modify your variant, everything is done in the "Variants" tab of your product pages). 

Step 4: Link them by clicking on the corresponding variant options:


The green check mark and the drop-down menu will tell you if this link has been successfully created.

Your customers will now be able to filter your products using the value: "Material - Plastic" and all products with a variant option "Material - Plastic".

Each new product created with the same variant option will also appear in this search and filter.

💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!