Overview of Google Ads

Every moment, all around the world, professionals and Internet users are always using Google keywords to find each other.

What if it was YOU that Internet users were looking for?

Depending on the keywords used by Internet users, Google offers natural search results but also commercial links related to the queries of these Internet users. Google Ads allows you to create your own commercial links and show them on the results page to Internet users who are conducting searches related to your activity.  



Google Ads is a simple and effective solution to help you gain customers on the Internet. It allows you to promote your company yourself on the Google search engine using commercial links. In this way, you reach Internet users who are actively searching for you by appearing in a relevant way on the results page. These qualified prospects therefore access your online store by clicking on the link of your ad: they are potential customers.

How does it work?

You create your campaign yourself in a few clicks.

All you have to do is write the text of your ad by simply presenting the products or services you offer, then choose the keywords carefully. Indeed, these keywords are the search terms that will trigger the appearance of your ad when Internet users carry out a search related to your activity.

You target the audience that interests you.

With Google Ads, you can choose to show your ads only to prospects that are genuinely interesting for your business. For example,if your business is local, your ad may appear only when people search in your area. Conversely, you can target the whole of France or several countries by broadcasting your ads in the appropriate languages. You can also display your ads on Google’s partner websites. The principle is still the same: your ad is displayed depending on the context of the page and you only pay for the clicks received.

You monitor the results of your campaign.

Google provides you with management and monitoring tools. So you can find out at any time what each ad, keyword or campaign is earning for you. You can even identify the keywords that have allowed your customers to buy online on your website. Then, depending on the results obtained, you can optimize your campaign (keywords, ads, etc.) at no extra cost.

You set your budget yourself.

Aside from the 5 euros corresponding to the account opening fees, no minimum advertising amount is required. You choose your budget based on your needs and your means. You can adjust this budget at any time, down or up, or simply stop it if your activity is seasonal. The maximum budget that you set cannot be exceeded: once the limit is reached, Google stops displaying your ads.

Google prioritizes relevance.

Google’s success is due to the relevance of the search results offered to Internet users. To ensure that this success continues to be justified and deserved, Google measures the relevance of each ad displayed and rewards the most relevant with a better position on the results pages.

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