Create a new store from my account

 Adding a second store to your WiziShop account is really easy. In the top right corner of your administration area, click on “Add a store".  


On the following page, select the "Create a new store" option. You can choose between a Mono-Product and a Multiple Product store.


👉 If you want to add a new language to your existing store, see this tutorial.


You can copy several elements of your existing store to your new store :

  • The products
  • The pages
  • The settings
  • The design



Tick the items that you want to duplicate and click on Confirm.

Your new store is created !


Please note: The stock of duplicated products which have the same reference on both your stores will automatically be synchronized (if one unit is ordered from one of your stores, the overall stock of the product will be updated on the other store).

👉 To find out more rates for additional stores

💬 Please do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!