The advantages of Smart Check-out

Smart Check-Out is designed to simplify the registration process for your visitors (who don't need to create an account anymore), to increase the conversion rate and collect more reliable data thanks to numerous verifications.   

Completing an order is 2 to 3 times faster with Smart Check-Out!

The benefits of Smart Check-Out:  

1) Easy registration

To increase the conversion rate, we have done everything to make ordering more simple.

The first stumbling block is often the need to register prior to placing an order. This step is eliminated (even though an account is still created automatically). The customer is directed to a single page where they will just need to fill out their delivery details, and select their delivery and payment methods.

2) Facebook Registration and PayPal Access

To further simplify this step in the ordering process, we have integrated two very practical modules.

  • Facebook Registration, which allows users to register using their Facebook account. “Facebook Registration” is more advantageous than the “Facebook Connect” module as it also allows you to collect customer information (surname, first name, marital status, date of birth, etc.).
  • PayPal Access, which allows any PayPal customer to sign up to the merchant site in a single click. PayPal only shares the customer’s information (surname, first name, address, etc.), but not the bank information (naturally). The customer's account will be set up in an instant! The customer then simply needs to select their delivery method and payment method to complete their order... WiziShop is the first SAAS solution to integrate this cutting-edge module!

The two modules also have the advantage of helping to build loyalty. Customers who register via these modules do not have to remember a password. When they next visit, they will simply have to sign in to their customer account via Facebook or PayPal to be automatically recognized on the site!


3) Checks & suggestions

In order to save your customers even more time, we carry out real-time checks to highlight the fields that have not been completed or which are problematic. We can also suggest a correction to the customer if we consider that the information they provide may be incorrect.

A few examples:

  • Suggesting that an email address has been misspelled
  • Suggesting towns that correspond to the postcode (for more than 75 countries)
  • Real-time checking of the EU VAT number (for automatic VAT exemption for businesses)
  • Automatic detection of title according to the first name (to allow you to be more efficient in your marketing operations!)

4) Highlighting marketing tools

Smart Check-Out was also the opportunity for us to highlight the marketing tools you already have available, and to supplement them with new tools (which we will present in more detail in future posts).

These tools include:

  • Saving the shopping cart for 30 days
  • The amount to add to receive free shipping
  • The option to change the delivery country to view the shipping costs directly in the shopping cart
  • Adding gift wrap or a message to the package, directly from the cart
  • The option to sign up to SMS order tracking (your customer will receive an SMS when you dispatch the package to them)
  • Displaying the number of loyalty points earned by a customer with an order
  • Displaying the latest delivery date of the order
  • Displaying the option to enter a discount voucher, if you have at least one active discount code (otherwise the module disappears)

5) Greater flexibility of options

We allow you to choose the fields and services to display in the order process in Settings (cogwheel) > Store Settings.

  • Option to disable Facebook registration and PayPal Access
  • Option to hide certain fields (customer’s date of birth, subscription to the newsletter, etc.)

Other features are fully used, such as:

  • Option to order the payment methods, to hide them according to the country of destination, or to add a charge for using certain payment methods
  • Option to change the logo and title of each payment method
  • Option to display a logo and a description on each delivery method

💬 Please do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!