Customized product recommendations

 ⚠️ The services of our Nesto partner are only available in French, English and in German. Working with this supplier will require some proficiency in French, English and in German. 


Thanks to our partner Nosto, and instead of displaying a fixed cross-selling item or an identical selection of products to each visitor, you will be able to highlight a relevant, dynamic and optimized product offer in real time. Nosto allows you to provide a personalized shopping experience to each of your visitors, by offering the products that best meet their expectations!

The first step to be able to benefit from this feature will be to create an account for free on Nosto. To really test the service, you will even get 14 days totally free as a Wizishopper.

Remember, when creating the account, to fill out WiziShop as the name of the platform to benefit from the pre-configuration that we have set up for you.
Go directly here in your administration: Configuration > Tags & External Services to enable the service by entering your Nosto account number (available in your Nosto space, section: "Account Settings").
The next step is paramount since it is the set up of the actual Nosto feature.
You will have to choose what types of recommendations you want to display on each page (example: cross-selling, top sales, browsing history, etc.).
To do this, simply click on the orange dotted sentence to choose the desired recommendation on each page or on the cross to remove it.
Please note that we have pre-configured your Nosto account with several recommendation banners for each page. You can choose a banner created by WiziShop or create your own by choosing the option "Show a personalized recommendation".
On your Nosto interface, you can then edit each banner to adapt it to your needs (choice of the number of products to display, titles, size of images ...).
There you have it, you now just have to wait for Nosto to analyze your visitors and their habits (it can take a few days depending on the type of recommendation and your traffic) and you will see your recommendation banners appear directly on your store.
If you receive an email from Nosto stating that order data is not received, don't worry. Simply wait (1 to 2 hours) because the orders take longer to reach Nosto. As soon as everything is set up correctly, you will be notified by a new email.
N.B.: This feature is available on all of our free designs as well as custom designs. Therefore, if you have a customized design and Nosto does not appear on your store, do not hesitate to contact your Business Coach directly via the chat system in your administration area.
💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!