Combine several variants (example: pic nic basket)

It is quite possible to combine a large number of variants within the same product that you create in the Products > Add a product section. This makes it possible to create complex products with a multitude of possible choices.

We will take the example of a pic nic basket. We want to offer several possibilities to potential customers so that they can create a pic nic basket to their taste:  

  • Choice of pic nic basket
  • Choice of a cake
  • Choice of a bottle of champagne

To do this, we will create 3 simple variants (or tailor-made if you want to change the design or allow your customers to select a quantity on each possible choice – for example the possibility of putting 2 cakes in their pic nic basket).



Once each variant has been created, you will then be able to change the order from the blue sidebar, as well as the choices or configuration.
For example, we changed the configuration of the pic nic basket. By clicking on "Edit configuration", you have access to the design. 
For this example, we chose option buttons. The other variants are presented as a drop-down menu.
Each variant is mandatory. As a result, the customer must choose a pic nic basket, a cake and a bottle of champagne to validate their custom product. 
The price of the different choices is never the same. The sum of the three choices constitutes the total price of the product. This price is automatically calculated on the customer's product page.
Similarly, each of the choices selected by the customer must be stock for the general product to be considered to be in stock.

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