The base product in variants

A base product is a product to which your variants are added. The price of the base product will therefore be added to the price of the variant choice(s) selected by the customer. If you want to offer a product in several variants (for example the same t-shirt in different colors or sizes), you should not leave a base product. 
On the other hand, if your variants are not mandatory or if your main product has to be included in it (you offer a set of pajamas, to be purchase alone or with a "slippers" option and a "sleep mask" option), then it is advisable to configure your base product.
To configure your base product, go to the Variants tab of your product page, base product section, at the very bottom of the page.


If the base product (the pajama set) or all the choices of a mandatory variant (all sizes and colors of the t-shirt) are no longer in stock, then the entire product will be considered sold out. If you have a base product (the pajama set) and variants associated with that product (slippers and sleep mask), when your customer places an order, the stock of your base product AND each choice selected by your customer will be automatically deducted.
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