Product page - The "Advanced Options" tab

This tab will allow you to go further in the configuration of your product. Do you want to add a badge to your product, cross-sell it or promote it on your store? Here is a detailed presentation of the different options of the "Advanced options" tab.

Badges on the product

This is where you can create or choose the badge you want to apply to your product in order to promote it.
You will be able to define the message, the background color and on which products to apply each badge:


Find the article explaining how to create customized badges here. 


You have the possibility to specify the promotion of your product on a specific date.
mceclip2.pngFind the article detailing the configuration of product promotions here




This is where you can configure a selection of products that will be offered as a recommendation for purchase on the basic product page (or vice versa).
Find the article detailing the configuration of cross-selling here.

Schedule - Product status


Here you can set the status of your product (displayed, not displayed or unavailable) for a specified or unspecified period, or from a specific date.


For more explanation on the scheduling, find the article on the subject here.

Product bundle

This is where you will specify whether or not your product will be part of a bundle.

Good to know: a bundled product is not visible on your store. The bundle status is used here to create products using variants (e.g.: picnic basket).
Find the article detailing how it works with the example of a customizable picnic basket.

Customization variants

👉 This section will only appear if you have customized your HTML
This is where you will be able to create and trigger customization variants. You have a custom design. To give you more freedom, you can set free variants. These will be sent to the template for you to query.
N.B.: This is not an essential element for the operation of your store.

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