Add my discount code when choosing my plan

Welcome and congratulations for registering on Wizishop! 
You are now registered and you want to apply the discount code you have in order to benefit from a discount on your first month? Here's how.

1. Add your payment information

First of all, you must fill in your payment information (credit card) via the my Account section > My payment details.
Your first monthly payment will automatically set up at the end of your 15-day free trial period or if you officially launch your store before. 

2. Choose your plan

Once you've added your payment method, follow these steps:



Go to the "My store" section and click on the button:


Then select one of the 3 plans (with or without commitment) via the "Select this plan" button.


3. Add your promo code

Once you have chosen your subscription plan, a summary window will open. Before confirming the plan, simply click on the button next to the words "Do you have a discount code?":



Simply enter your code and click on the blue OK button to apply the discount.

Finally, click on this button to benefit from your discount!



💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!