Use the block text system

🖐️ Caution: This tutorial details how to use our former block system for the home page and information pages. If you use the WiziBlocks system for your home page and information pages (Pages+), go to the relevant sections:

👉 If you still use the former system of blocks on your home page and your information pages, here is how it works:

Would you like to personalize your home page, category page and free page? Read this article to find out how to use our system of blocks and insert text, images and so on.


Option to insert blocks


The block system is available for the following pages:


On one of your chosen pages, select the block from those suggested. For example, a block "Text on the right, image on the left" to insert on your Category page.


The block system allows you to insert a block text however you wish, to arrange its layout and even personalize it further by adding the HTML code (by clicking on "Source").

Tip: when you copy and paste a text from an external source (that you do not type directly in the block), a warning message will advise you to “clean” the text. We recommend that you click on ok each time.



You should systematically save your block once the latter has been completed, failing which it won’t be taken into account.


Once you have saved your text, you simply need to add the image.

You will see that by hovering over the image you will be able to add a URL and resize it.


Once your block and the layout have been completed, you will need to click on “Publish Post on the blog".



This is how it looks on your blog post.


💬 Please do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!