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How to add an image in the long description of a product page?

You want to add an image in the long description of your product page ?

This tutorial describes how to display visuals in your product descriptions.

Get my image URL

The first step is getting your image URL. To do this, follow the next steps :

  • Go to Appearance > Add CSS
  • Upload an image to be inserted in your customized CSS by clicking on "Add / Select a picture"
  • In your image manager, go to "Your images" if your image has already been imported, or click on "Add an image" to add a new one
  • Once your image is added in your CSS, a URL will be generated.
  • Copy this URL in your clipboard, you will need it later.

Integrate my image on my product page

The second step is to add the image in the long description of your product page.

Here are the steps to follow :

  • Once in your product page, go to the "Information" tab
  • In the long description, click on "Source"
  • Place your pointer at the very end of the code lines and enter this line of code:
<img src="your-image-url">
  • Be sure to paste the URL of your previously copied image without removing the quotation marks at the beginning and end of the URL
  • Click on "Source" again, and you should see the added image

☝️ Good to know

Do not forget to click on Apply modifications at the top of your product page.


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