Change the title and names of my variant choices

When you import your products to your store from AliExpress, Big Buy, Brandsdistribution or BusyXpro, occasionally, the title and names with the different variants choice are not translated or do not correctly qualify the choice that your customer will have to make.
You can modify these 2 elements by following these few steps: 

  • Go to the Products > List of products, and then the edition of the desired product:


  • Once on your product page, go to the "Variants" tab and click on the "Manage variants" button: 


  • Once on the variants management page, click on the button "Edit a variant": 


  • Then click on the title of the variant applied to your product: 

    N.B.: You can find the variant title applied to your product page by referring to the title under the variants window.

  • Modify the name to display on the site and confirm step 1: 

    N.B.: We recommend that you use a generic title to present your choices of variants so that it is adapted to any type of choice (colors, sizes, models, etc.): "Make your choice", "Select an option", etc.

  • Once step 1 is completed, you can modify the name of the choice variants offered to your customers and save your changes: 

    💡 Quick tip: To make your life easier, we allow you to modify the name of these choices directly from your list of products (Products > Product List):

  • Click on "see variants" of the desired product:

  • Modify the names of the choices by clicking on them:

💬 Do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!