Activate the Mono-Product mode on my store

Optimize your conversion rate by activating the Mono-Product mode.

Highlight a single product and create your store around it!

To activate the Mono-Product mode on your store, go to Settings (cogwheel) > Mono-Product.

⚠️ Watch Out

The Mono-Product mode will alter your store. Your search engine and your categories will no longer be displayed. Information sent to Google in the Sitemap will also be adapted accordingly.


We recommend that alongside your common multi-product store, you choose the products that sell best (your 5 to 10 top products to begin with), and create several dedicated mono-product stores.

👉 Resources

See our tutorial to create your mono-product stores 

You will see that when you send your visitors to a mono-product store rather than a general store, your conversion rate will be higher (between 1,5 and 3 times higher).

Besides, our exclusive Multishop technology allows you to synchronize your stock between your general store and all your mono-product stores.


👉 If you are ready to activate the Mono-Product option on your store, simply put the switch to the right! 


💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have ant questions!