Create a Mono-Product store 

Optimize your conversion rate by activating the Mono-Product mode. Highlight one product and build your store around it.

Step 1 : Choose your top product

The first step is to choose the product to highlight on your mono-product store. 👉 See our tutorial.

Step 2 : Create your store

You know your winning product. It is now time to create your mono-product store! Go to Add a Store, and choose the Mono-Product option:

Choose the name of your store and the product you wish to highlight (if you use an existing product from your main store) then choose the information you want to copy from your main store:

Step 3 : Customize your store 

Now that your store has been set up and your product duplicated, things can get serious! Create a homepage dedicated to your product with WiziBlocks. Your product will be highlighted on the homepage with a Zoom block. The product page will not be displayed on the store.

👉 Refer to our tutorial on using WiziBlocks

Step 4: Set up your delivery and payment options

Your delivery and payment must be correctly set up to ensure that the orders from your new store are processed smoothly. 

👉 Add a payment method

👉 Setting up my delivery options

Step 5: Customize your footer

Make sure you enter all essential information in your footer.

👉 See our tutorials 


Step 6: Check whether your store is ready to be launched

Are you ready to launch your mono-product store? Carry out one final check before you do!

 👉 I want my store to go online - is it ready?

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!