Choose my top product to create my Mono Product store

If you already run a multi-product store on WiziShop and wish to highlight your top products, opening several mono-product stores can be what you need !

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What is Mono-Product?

The first step is to choose the products that you will highlight in your mono-product stores. In your product list, rank your products by number of sales and select your bestsellers. Go to Products > List of products. Select all your "displayed" products

Rank your products by decreasing number of sales.



Now you know your bestsellers!


☝️ Good to know

A bestseller in your multi-product store may not be a good mono-product.

You should take other criteria into account before you launch a mono-product store:

  • Is this product in demand ? A mono-product store should answer the needs of your target customers. Review the keywords searched on your store to check what your visitors are looking for on your store: Orders > Manage my search statistics. You should regularly use services such as Google Trends that can help you find out what web users around the world are looking for!
  • Is this product often viewed? On your Analytics, you may find that your sales statistics do not necessarily match your traffic statistics. Did your customers want to buy this product when they first came to your store? Your bestseller may be the result of a cross sale that works very well with the product initially searched by your client and has generated a lot of sales. But a cross-selling product may not work independently on its own store, or without the product associated to it. One product in your catalog that sells less but is more visited may have more potential.
  • Can this product sell on its own ? Go deeper in your investigation and ask yourself : "Is my product attractive enough to make my mono-product store a success ?": do you have any interesting content to write about it? Attractive visuals? Do you already have advertising campaigns in mind? Your best sale is a practical and cheap product, but it may not necessarily be interesting enough. You should keep in mind that your mono-product store will revolve around your product, you will have to sell a "concept" and your product should be adapted to this type of structure. 

💬 Feel free to contact your Business Coaches if you have any questions!