What is Google's advertising department?

What is Google Ads ? 

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is Google's advertising department. It manages advertising campaigns with search results, Google Shopping, Youtube and the Display AdSense network.
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What is the difference between SEO and SEA ? 

SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) provides natural referencing, it is a set of techniques aimed at optimizing the visibility of your website on the search engines. It is based on the technical quality and content of your website (texts, images)... 
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SEA (Search Engine Advertising) provides paying referencing, it places commercial links on the search engines. It allows you to position your website with advertisements created on Google Ads.
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Which type of auction to choose for your advertisements?

Auction by Cost per Click (CPC)

Your advertisements are invoiced using the pay per click model. It is the most common auction used on Google Ads. Payment is made according to the number of clicks on your advertisement.
This auction aims at bringing traffic to your website.
With this auction, Google Ads optimizes the dissemination of your ads so as to generate a maximum of clicks.
CPC is a good choice if you want to generate maximum traffic on your website.

Auction by Cost per Thousand (CPT)

CPT is the price paid to disseminate your advertisement 1 000 times (cost for 1 000 displays). Payment is made according to the number of impressions (Number of times your advertisement was seen).
This auction aims at getting a maximum number of impressions and therefore a visibility of your brand / business.
With this auction, Google Ads optimizes the dissemination of your advertisements so as to obtain a maximum of impressions. Besides Google ensures that your advertisement is visible on the screen at least 1 second by web users.
CPT is a good choice if you want to increase the reputation of your brand/business.

Auction by Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

CPA is an auction, that is invoiced for each conversion. Payment is made according to the number of conversions on your website (sale, contact...)
This auction aims at maximizing the conversions on your website. Google Ads disseminates your advertisements in the best locations where you have the greatest possibility of making conversions. CPA is a good choice if you want to concentrate on your return on investment.

How is the position of my ads decided? 

The position of your ads is determined according to a score estimated by Google, called Ad Rank. Ad Rank takes into account: 

  • Total campaign budget
  • Ad group budget
  • Maximum auction on the key word
  • Ad quality
  • Quality of destination page
  • Expected CTR (number of clicks / number of displays)
  • Competition

What are the other platforms and tools where I can place my ads?

On Google Ads, you can place your ads on various platforms.

Google Shopping

With Google Ads, you can use Google Shopping to show your products on Google and place them in top position.
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Youtube Ads

With Google Ads you can display advertising videos in special locations on Youtube. It allows you to adapt your ads to your target and to share your expertise and know-how by way of videos displayed on Youtube to users potentially interested in your domain.
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Display network

The Display network is composed of more than two million websites, videos and apps on which you can disseminate your Google Ads advertisements. Please note that the network reaches more than 90% of worldwide web users. You can publish your ads (texts or images) on one or several affiliated websites.
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What are the good practices on Google Ads? 

1. Create a campaign for each product

It is best to create a campaign for each product so as to be as precise as possible when you optimize your ad. If your advertisement answers the web users' request precisely, it stands a good chance of being relevant to them. 

2. Never target your homepage

For your advertisement to be as precise as possible, and coherent with the campaign on a product, it is essential to redirect your ad to a product page and not to your homepage.

3. Use both SEA and SEO

SEA will allow you, thanks to advanced analysis of your campaigns, to identify keywords that help make conversions. You can use the keywords you identified in your SEO campaigns.

4. Continuously optimize your campaigns

A SEA campaign should be analyzed daily so as to be adjusted if necessary. Note that we work with partners who are experts in creating and managing campaigns. Do not hesitate to contact the Business Coaches if you need more information on this subject.

What is the difference between SEA campaigns and Facebook/Instagram campaigns? 

The primary intention of these two types of campaigns is totally different. In your SEA campaigns, you catch the web users's needs by placing your ads on keywords. Web users make requests on the search engines and come across your ads.
With Facebook/Instagram campaigns, you wish to create a need with web users. You go to the web users and lead them to your website thanks to your argumentation.

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