Google Ads - Best practice

1. Create one campaign per product

It is best to create one campaign per product, to ensure that your advert is as accurate as possible. The more your advert meets users' requirements accurately, the more your advert will be of relevance to them.  

2. Never target your home page

In order to be as accurate as possible and to be consistent with your product campaign, you should always design your advert on a product page, and not on your home page.

3. Combine SEA and SEO

Carrying out SEA for your website will allow you, thanks to your campaigns' in-depth analyses, to detect keywords which convert, and which you may not necessarily have thought of. You can therefore use the keywords that your campaigns detect to position yourself at the top and fine tune your SEO.

4. Carry on optimizing your campaigns

A SEA campaign needs to be analyzed daily to be fine-tuned if necessary. We work with partners, who specialize in creating and managing campaigns. Do not hesitate to contact the Business Coaches if you would like further information on this subject.
👉 Read all Google's advice to get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns.

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