Facebook Ads: Types of adverts

 Facebook and Instagram offer various advertising formats:

Sponsored adverts


A sponsored advert is a standard Facebook advertisement that was originally on a business’s website page, but which has been promoted thanks to an advertising budget.
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Adverts in photo format

Photos are another type of advert on Facebook. They are one of the most popular formats as Facebook prefers visual content.
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Adverts in video format

Video ads are displayed in fairly large format in users’ news feeds and provides content that is more engaging than static adverts.
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Multi-format adverts, in carousel format

Multi-product ads promote several products in a single advert. Your audience will see several images and click on each product’s individual link.
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Targeted local adverts

Local ads on Facebook only work if your business has a “physical” store to which you try to direct purchasers. If this applies to you, targeted local ads on Facebooks may be ideal as you can target your audience extremely accurately.
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An advert centered on an offer is one of Facebook’s more recent advertising formats, which can help a business promote a valid discount on Facebook. The advantage of this format is that it eliminates one of the steps in the customer journey, which contributes to an increase in the number of sales.
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Retargeting adverts.

A retargeting advert is aimed at a specific list of individuals who have already been identified. This type of campaign therefore requires you to have an existing audience.
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Event advertising

Events advertising, as the name indicates, is designed to promote a particular event. Generally speaking, its CTA directs users directly to the ticket purchase page, irrespective of the event.
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Dynamic adverts

Facebook’s dynamic adverts automatically show the right products to individuals who have expressed an interest in them on your website, in your app or elsewhere on the internet.
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Mobile app adverts

Adverts for apps are the best way of encouraging more people to install and use your app, and to carry out specific actions such as purchasing a product or reaching another level in a game.
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