Link my product to categories

When you create or import your product, you need to complete the product page at 100% before it can be published.


The category must be provided. You can either create your categories in advance, from Products > Categories, or create your category directly from the product page, by clicking on Add a category. (see our tutorial: How do I create a category?)
You can select the category(ies), in the product page information tab, in Product Category.


You can also link your product to other categories, by clicking on The product is linked to other categories.


You can link the product to other secondary categories, by ticking the various categories that you want to link.  



💡 You can also bulk change the category of your products from the list of products. (see our tutorial: How do I bulk change the category of my products?)

💬 Please do not hesitate to contact your Business Coaches should you have any questions!