Presentation of Upsell

Upsell will allow you to make your sales funnel more powerful by increasing your customers’ average cart value!    

Many sales techniques have already proven themselves in terms of conversion optimization: flash sales, promotions, decreasing prices, free shipping costs, options in the cart, etc.
Upsell will allow you to go even further, by offering limited-time offers and thus allow you to increase the total amount of your customer's cart. The goal of the Upsell is to create a sense of urgency by offering an additional product at a temporarily reduced price at the time of order finalization. 
You should favor generic products, which will adapt to your entire catalog, and at a price that will allow you to remain profitable. Upsell is ideal for clearing stock and products on which you can make a large profit. 
Upsell is also particularly advantageous on single-product stores: you can offer a product related to your flagship product. Are you selling a sports product? Offer an exclusive mini smoothie-blender in the cart!  

The feature will also allow you to offer several offers to your customer, depending on whether they accept or refuse what you offer them. 
To set up your Upsell offers now, go to the Marketing > Upsell section:


And follow our dedicated tutorial to set up your first Upsell offer! 
👉 Upsell, how does it work?

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